About CSS

CSS Overview
Everything there is to know about CSS.

An Eye On Quality
U.S. AI companies add value to their programs through participation in Certified Semen Services.

Leadership and Organization
Administrative staff, Board of Directors and CSS Semen Quality Control (Compliance, Training & Competency) Committee

CSS Bylaws
The rules under which CSS operates.

CSS Participants and NAAB Members
A listing of NAAB Members and CSS participants.

CSS Participation Agreement
This form is for AI businesses in the US wishing to enter into an agreement under the terms and conditions outlined by CSS.

CSS AI Center Animal Management Guidelines
Humane husbandry and housing practices for AI centers.

CSS Minimum Requirements for Disease Control       (English)      (Español)
Document of minimum standards for the health monitoring and disease surveillance of bulls prior to entry, during an isolation period and through residency at an AI center.

CSS/OIE Testing Comparison       (English)      (Español)       Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view.   (free download)
Chart compares CSS testing requirements for pre-entry, isolation, sires housed away from the semen collection facilitites, and the resident herd.

Links of Interest

BSE, CJD, nvCJD Information Resource
An information resource produced by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association on BSE and CJD reviewed by a scientific panel of experts.

California Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
"Highest quality diagnostic laboratory support service for: Livestock and poultry disease control, enhancement of livestock and poultry health management, protection from diseases common to animals and humans, and recognition and dissemination of new knowledge."

The Center for Animal Health and Productivity
Dairy Cattle Information at the Center for Animal Health and Productivity

Colorado State University Diagnostic Lab
The mission of the Colorado Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System is to provide timely, accurate and pertinent animal disease diagnostic services and educational outreach to veterinarians, animal industries and animal interests.

Cornell University Diagnostic Lab
The homepage of the Diagnostic Lab at Cornell University.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)
USDA-APHIS information on Foot and Mouth Disease.

Ohio Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

The Society for Theriogenology
The latest information on the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology and semenology.

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
The TVMDL World Wide Web Information Site.

University of Pennsylvania Reference Andrology Lab
The Reference Andrology Laboratory provides complete testing of neat, cooled and frozen-thawed semen from mammalian and avian species. These services are frequently used by practitioners and studs as third-party quality control assessments. The laboratory strives to perform objective, validated techniques for basic spermiogram parameters of sample volume, motility, morphology, and concentration. Semen extender analysis and microbiological testing of the extended semen is also offered.

University of Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
The homepage of the Diagnostic Lab at University of Wisconsin.

The United States Animal Health Association
The USAHA works with the state and federal animal health officials, veterinarians, livestock producers, national livestock and poultry organizations, research scientists, the extension service and seven foreign countries to control livestock disease in the USA. Visit their website to obtain the latest information about livestock health issues and the activities of USAHA.

For information on the mission, activities and organization of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

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