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This page provides resources for the serious breeder! Just point your browser to our links on everything you need to know about maintaining a successful AI operation. To get started, please refer to the page descriptions and their corresponding links below.

Estrous Synchronization Course-University of Missouri

Estrus Synchronization Protocols-Beef Task Force 2017 (PDF)

2017 Protocols for Synchronization of Estrus and Ovulation (Powerpoint)

AI vs. Natural Service October 2003
This special supplement to the October 25 Hoard's Dairyman is sponsored by the members of the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB).

Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view   (free download).

Net Merit: August 2003 Revision August 2003

New Evaluations Offer a Genetic Approach to Improving Cow Fertility February 2003
Daughter Pregnancy Rate

New Genetic Evaluations Consider the Cow's Contribution to Calving Ease (English) June 2002

(Español) (Portugues)

Estimated Relative Conception Rate (ERCR)
Proper use of ERCR can improve conception rates and farm profitability.

Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM)
Current information about CVM.

Genetic Evaluation Articles

Breakthroughs In Biotechnology October 2000
Get the scoop from experts the field on the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology.

AI Tips
Synchronization protocols and more.

Exciting Career Opportunities in AI August 1997
This document highlights some of the positions held by the men and women in the Artificial Insemination (AI) industry and explains why each is vital.

Recommended Minimum Standards for AI Training
An overview of recommended training for Artificial Insemination.

NAAB Technical Conference Proceedings
Price and availability of past Proceedings of the NAAB Technical Conferences on Artificial Insemination and Reproduction.


"Illustrated Anatomy of the Bovine Male and Female Reproductive Tracts" by K.J. Mullins & R.G. Saacke  

[ISBN 0-9743745-0-4, Soft Cover, 88 pages, $30 USD plus shipping and handling] Bulk rate discounts are available as follows: 10-50 copies - $25 USD each, over 50 - $18 USD each plus shipping and handling.
An excellent anatomical reference guide for AI and ET professionals, veterinarians, educators and students interested in reproductive biology.

Click here for credit card ordering instructions

Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view   (free download).

Links of Interest

The ADDS Center
Agricultural Databases for Decision Support. This is a subscription-based information system that provides access to university extension materials and research reports.

American Exporter Magazine
Magazine published by USDA/FAS for food and agriculture exporters.

Babcock Institute
The Babcock Institute of International Dairy Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin.

Beef Cattle Breed Associations

Beef Improvement Federation
The mission of BIF is to improve the beef industry through performance evaluation. They represent 40 state and national beef organizations.

BEEF Magazine
Information on the hottest beef-industry topics is available online.

Beef Today
The online edition of Beef Today.

Breeds of Cattle
Oklahoma State University's Cattle Breed Database.

BSE, CJD, nvCJD Information Resource
An information resource produced by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association on BSE and CJD reviewed by a scientific panel of experts.

Cow-Calf Weekly
A pioneer in electronic newsletters providing current cattle industry news..

Dairy Cattle Breed Associations

Dairy Herd Management
The online edition of Dairy Herd Management Magazine.

Dairy Today
The online edition of Dairy Today.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)
USDA-APHIS information on Foot and Mouth Disease.

The International Bull Evaluation Service (INTERBULL) is a non-profit organization, responsible for promoting the development and standardization of international genetic evaluations for cattle.

National Animal Health Monitoring Service
The USDA initiated the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) in 1983 to collect, analyze, and disseminate data on animal health, management, and productivity across the United States.

National Cattlemen's Beef Association
The Beef Industry Informations System's Cattlemen On the Web.

National DHIA
This site contains the latest information about the standardized collection of dairy production records by Dairy Herd Improvement associations.

Quality Certification Services
QCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of National DHIA. Its purpose is to audit the performance of dairy records service providers to ensure that all records submitted for genetic evaluations meet the minimum standards established by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding.

U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.
Umbrella group for U.S. livestock exports.

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service
This website provides information about US export products, export statistics and export assistance programs.

USDA National Animal Germplasm Program
Visit this site to obtain information about the ongoing efforts to coordinate the availability, conservation and utilization of animal genetic resources.

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