USDA Evaluation Changes for August 2000 (English)
USDA has made several enhancements to the August 2000 genetic evaluations. Learn about the changes.

Understanding 2005 Genetic Base Updates (English)
  December 2004
A look at genetic bases around the world.

Dairy Genetics in Black and White Bull Market   May 2000

NAAB works to improve international genetic evaluations.

What NOT to look for in advertisements for genetics (English)   June 2001
Clever advertising attracts our attention, but be careful to identify the content so that irrelevant numbers and misleading statements do not influence your breeding decisions.

International Genetic Evaluations: don't let the numbers confuse you! (English)   July 2001
(Español) (Portugues)
Interbull evaluations provide useful information to compare AI sires from different countries. When using international evaluations make sure the date of evaluation, source of evaluation and genetic merit units are available.

Looking for the right way to convert to U.S. PTA?    August 2004
Interbull evaluations provide the most accurate comparisons between bulls from different countries. However Interbull evaluations aren't available for all bulls. This article provides some approximate methods for comparing bulls without Interbull evaluations.